Editing binary data with XML editor

Binary data can be edited with the XML editor by first converting the binary data to XML, edit the XML and then converted back to binary.

So you start with the converter with the binary data and schema in it. Choose convert binary to form generator.

Click on the generate button and you are in the form generator, but with XML data.

Pick your options and click the generate button to get the XML editor.

Now you are in the XML editor, you can modify your data and when you are done click to generate the XML.

The result XML data is in the converter, now you can pick your options and click generate to get your newly edited binary data.

Finally you get your edited binary data.

Actually this example does not work because 64 bit integer support is broken. But you get the general idea. Also some of the controls you see are different because these screen dump and done on an earlier version.

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